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Una quaestio-limite: «Utrum anima separata pati possit ab igne». Alcune riflessioni sulla q. 11 delle Quaestiones in III de anima di Sigieri di Brabante

Author(s): Serena Masolini

Journal: Annali del Dipartimento di Filosofia dell’Università di Firenze
ISSN 0394-5073

Volume: 16;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 5;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: soul | hellfire | latin averroism | censure | historiography

When 13th century scholars tried to inquire about how a soul separated from the body may suffer from the infernal hellfire, they found themselves facing a very convoluted theme, straddling the borders between theology and philosophy. This paper analyses Siger of Brabant’s position compared with that of Thomas Aquinas and the coeval theological tradition, and shows how this topic may provide a key to further understanding the Parisian Condemnations of 1270 and 1277, as well as the artistae’s epistemological program.
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