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Energy and nutrient consumption in Mexican women 12-49 years of age: analysis of the National Nutrition Survey 1999

Author(s): Barquera Simón | Rivera Juan A | Espinosa-Montero Juan | Safdie Margarita | Campirano Fabricio | Monterrubio Eric A

Journal: Salud Pública de México
ISSN 0036-3634

Volume: 45;
Issue: suppl.4;
Start page: 530;
Date: 2003;
Original page

Keywords: diet | nutritional transition | epidemiologic transition | obesity | dietary reference intake | probabilistic survey | Mexico

OBJECTIVE: To describe the reported energy and nutrient intake and adequacies in Mexican women. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A 24-hour dietary recall was used to obtain nutrient intake in a representative sub-sample of 2 630 women from 12 to 49 years of age from the National Nutrition Survey 1999. Nutrient adequacies were estimated using the Dietary Reference Intakes and stratified according to region, area (urban or rural), socioeconomic status and obesity status (non-obese: BMI 30 kg/m²). Differences were analyzed using linear regression for complex surveys of log-transformed intake and adequacy, adjusting for multiple comparisons with the Bonferroni test. RESULTS: The median national energy intake was 1 471 kcal. The Risk of Inadequacy (RI) (prevalence of adequacy
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