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Energy optimization in pumping systems; Optimización de energía en sistemas de bombeo

Author(s): Bernardo Roger Sabogal Abril | Jairo Arcesio Palacios Peñaranda | Cristhian Libardo Pantoja Tovar

Journal: Informador Técnico
ISSN 0122-056X

Volume: 77;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 47;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Energy expenditure | pump systems | efficiency | test pump system | power consumed.

Within this research a study was performed on energy optimization in pumping systems, highlighting the impact of variable frequency drivers (VFD). This work seeks to propose a model to diagnose pumping systems, contributing towards reduced energy consumption. A search and compilation was performed of theory of pumping systems, AC motors, VFD, and industrial applications. A model is proposed for diagnosis and experimental data was obtained from a test bench. After taking the data, it was proceeded to analyze it on an Excel Tool developed by the author. This tool allowed identifying the system; then, a simulation was performed consisting on assigning a percentage of use to the load curve; thus, showing a saving if the system is used at the highest efficiency point. Lastly, all the procedure was carried out via a system with VFD, which showed less energy consumption. The tool developed in Excel allows, through a set of data, computing load system, pump efficiency, motor efficiency, motor – VFD, and MCC or motor starter.

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