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“Engineering Economics” as the Source of Knowledge

Author(s): Bronislovas Martinkus

Journal: Engineering Economics
ISSN 1392-2785

Volume: 5;
Start page: 7;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: research | issue | journal | direction | author | science | methods | institutions | foreign countries

Economics and management develop very rapidlyalongside with other scientific directions. This developmenthas become especially evident after the restorationof independence in Lithuania. These changes are clearlyexpressed by the introduction of new managerial methods,economic forecasts, decision making, new technologies,information systems, etc.The journal “Engineering Economics” is aimed atpresenting all these developments and changes to itsreaders by raising new hypotheses and giving scientificrecommendations. The level of the papers presented inthe journal as well as the number of the authors has increased.Moreover, the structure of the issue and the activityof the Editorial Board have changed. The EditorialBoard has established very close relationships with theauthors of the papers and the readers not only in the Republicbut also in foreign countries. The inclusion of thejournal into the international data base has played a veryimportant role. It has become widely known abroad.Close cooperation has resulted in higher level of the paperspresented. Considerable attention is being paid toengineering decision-making based on research, newmethods and scientific experience.The publication of the journal calls for financial expensesbeing covered by Kaunas University of Technology.It could be very helpful that the Scientific Board ofLithuania also rendered some financial support.
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