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Environmental activism as a new form of political participation of the youth in Serbia

Author(s): Vukelić Jelisaveta | Stanojević Dragan

Journal: Sociologija
ISSN 0038-0318

Volume: 54;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 387;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: youth | environmental activism | new politics | Serbia

The aim of this paper is to explore whether the environmental activism is a new form of political participation of the Serbian youth. One of the characteristics of the postindustrial societies is a general citizen withdrawal from the traditional channels of political participation. Political disengagement is thought to characterize all citizens but most of all the young people. However, although young people may have turned away from mainstream politics, they are nevertheless concerned with a wide range of issues that could be considered political in a broader sense of the term. In the post-socialist Europe young people tend to be even less involved in political life than the youth in the established democracies. However, they are also likely to adopt novel forms of political expression. Whether the Serbian youth follow the same pattern of political involvement, we intend to explore in this article. In searching for the answer to this question, we will focus our analysis on the environmental activism, as one of the forms of the new political engagement widely accepted among young people.

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