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Epidemiologic and clinicopathologic aspects of Leprosy in Dakar; evaluation of 73 new cases

Author(s): Suzanne Oumou Niang | Moussa Diallo | Maodo Ndiaye | Assane Diop | Boubacar Ahy Diatta | Mohamed Wadih | Assane Kane | Mame Thierno Dieng | Charles Insa Badiane

Journal: Dermatology Reports
ISSN 2036-7392

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: e18;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Leprosy | Senegal

Hundreds of new leprosy cases are still diagnosed in Dakar despite all the efforts in the struggle by the national program for elimination of leprosy by the Institute of Applied Leprosy in Dakar. The aim of our study was to evaluate the epidemiological, clinicopathological and outcome of new cases of leprosy. A prospective study was conducted over a period of one year listing all new cases of leprosy based on clinical diagnosis, bacteriology and histology. 73 new cases were recorded. The sex ratio was 1.5 and the mean age of 39.5 years. Children aged from 0 to 15 years old represented 12%. The clinical forms were rated in order of decreasing frequency Borderline 47.94%, 30.13% lepromatous lepromatous, indeterminate 8.21, borderline lepromatous 6.84, TT: 5.47%, 1.36 and neurological bb%. Neurological signs were enlarged nerve in 50 cases, a neurological deficit in 16 cases and a sensitive deficit in 16 cases. The complications were burns and ulcerations in 10 cases, a claw in 7 cases, a reversal reaction in 7 cases, erythema nodosum in 4 cases and neuritis in 8 cases. The number of new cases mutilated was 24.65%. The smear was positive in 42% and histology contribution in 91.37% of cases. Our study highlights the significant number of patients with multibacillary contagious, affected children, the high proportion of disability grade 2/OMS reflecting the delay in diagnosis. This delay is due to ignorance, to traditional treatments and low socio-economic status and lack of trained diagnostic teams in different areas apart from referral centres.
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