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DO ESPAÇO E TEMPO MUSICAL – TEORIA CIENTÍFICA E PRÁTICA | Musical time and space - scientific theory and artistic practice in postwar avant-garde


Journal: European Review of Artistic Studies
ISSN 1647-3558

Volume: Vol.1 Nº 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Musical time and space

The early 20th century has witnessed major transformations in both scientific and musicaldomains. In particular, relativity has shown space and time to have physical reality (incontrast to a priori conditions of objects), and the hierarchical structure of tonality wasabandoned in favor of progressively more systematic methods of composition evolvingfrom twelve-tone music. By singling out the migration of the scientific understanding ofspace and time to musical terrain, as legitimization and metaphor for some theoreticalproposals of integral serialism, a parallel is drawn between the two fields which shows theentwinement of scientific output and artistic theory and practice in post-war avant-garde.
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