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Estimating the Lactation Curve on a.m./p.m. Milkings in Dairy Cows

Author(s): Ludovic Toma Cziszter | Radu Ionel Neamt | Daniela Elena Ilie | Dinu Gavojdian | Stelian Acatincai | Silvia Erina | Simona Baul | Iulian Tripon

Journal: Lucrari Stiintifice : Zootehnie si Biotehnologii
ISSN 1841-9364

Volume: 46;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 296;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: am/pm milkings | cows | lactation curve | Romanian Spotted

A pilot study was conducted in order to assess the effect of a.m./p.m. milkings on the shape of the lactation curve during a normal lactation. Data from a.m. and p.m. milkings from 86 Romanian Spotted cows were used. Cows calved during January, February and March 2011 and concluded their lactations by the end of February 2012. Results showed that there was a difference between morning and evening milkings regarding the shape of the lactation curve. The shape of the lactation curve for morning milking was more resembling to the shape of the lactation curve for total daily milk. Modelling the lactation curve with gamma incomplete function led to a milk production estimate very close to the real production, although the model overestimated the yield in early lactation and underestimated it in middle lactation. If alternative milkings are going to use for milk yield estimation it is preferable to measure the evening milking at the beginning.
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