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Estrés oxidativo en hijos masculinos de hipertensos.

Author(s): María Tucci | Marysabel Torres

Journal: Salus Online
ISSN 1316-7138

Volume: 16;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 50;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Hypertension | Oxidative stress

Hypertension (HTN) is a global public health problem. It is associated with impaired endothelial function and family history may be important reason why we decided to analyze the state of oxidative stress in hypertensive male children in 60 normotensive male subjects aged 16 to 25 years, 2 groups: 30 children of parents with hypertension, 30 children of parents without HTN. Were determined: ON (diazotization test - Greiss reaction), thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS), glutathione peroxidase, Creactive protein (CRP) highly specific uric acid, transferrin saturation and ferritin. The mean of NO in groups with and without a history of hypertension: 97.16 ± 21.74 and 125.27 mol mol ± 28.25 (P = 0.0002), mean CRP in subjects with and without a history of hypertension: 5.5 mg / dL ± 1.40 and 4.2 mg / dL ± 1.69 (P = 0.0022). Lipid peroxidation, glutathione peroxidase, uric acid, transferrin saturation and ferritin did not show significant changes. We conclude that the values of NO found in hypertensive children could be because this condition would favor an early reendothelialization process and mediated vasodilation ON defective. With respect to the mean CRP was significantly higher in offspring of hypertensive (both values were within the normal range). It is possible these changes are the first step towards the development of endothelial dysfunction. It is recommended to evaluate the offspring of hypertensive patients in order to investigate predictors that could allow to reveal the tendency to develop hypertension.
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