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Ethnic Group of Shapsugs: Transformations of Late ХХ – Early ХХI Centuries

Author(s): Nikolai F. Bugai

Journal: History and Historians in the Context of the Time
ISSN 2078-1296

Volume: 9;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 36;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Shapsugs | Adygs | Armenians | civil society institutes | Shapsugiya | constituency | evolution | interethnic relations | State Duma | Small Council | nation formation | experience.

The author, basing on the data of the Government of the Russian Federation, Federal ministries and agencies, public authorities of National Republics of the North Caucasus, North Caucasus public associations-civil society institutes attempts to present the general process of Shapsug National District restoration within Krasnodar Region, which has already become history, traces its evolution, starting from 1920s. The attempt to answer the question if the access to the experience of national districts establishment in USSR in 1990s, which some time later ended up being useless, was helpful. National districts were recognized as inefficient, unhelpful in solving problems of citizens’ self-consciousness and national consciousness, peoples’ consolidation into a nation. The article mentions many leaders of North Caucasus process of 1990s.
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