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Evaluation of Curriculum at Secondary Level in Pakistan in light of Subject Specialists’ Views

Author(s): Dr. Rabia Tabassum | Irfan Ashraf | Iftikhar Ahmad | Dr. Tanvir Kayani

Journal: International Journal of Social Sciences and Education
ISSN 2223-4934

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 01;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Subject Specialists | Education | Nominally | Majority | Not at All

The purpose of this study was to gauge the effectiveness of Secondary school curriculum in light of Subject Specialists’ views . Since the prime objective of education is the socialization of human beings and the school is the pivitol agency to organize and transmitt all the cultural and social values to individuals. Curriculum is the most effective tool to dissiminate all these values to the society and individuaals. To measure the effectiveness of curriculum a breachless effort is needed. Therefore development and improvement in curriculum is the need of hour to meet the emerging challenges of society. The study was aimed __ to determine experts’ views regarding correspondence of curriculum with the needs and aspirations of the country, to examine the changes made in the curriculum from time to time and to analyze the existing position of secondary school curriculum. The Subject Specialists working in Curriculum Wings, Text Book Boards and Secondary Schools constituted as the population of which 19 Subject Specialists were conveniently selected as the population of study. Major findings of the study were as follows: all Subject Specialists were not satisfied with the curriculum inherited from the British in meeting the future manpower needs of the society; curriculum was not according to students’ abilities; previous studies were not taken into consideration while making a new curriculum; teachers were not properly trained in implementation of curriculum. On the basis of findings and conclusions, the following recommendations were made. The process of curriculum development should be harmonized with the culture and the society; Curriculum planners should be well trained, qualified and competent enough. Continuous research should be carried out to remove the draw-backs in the current curricula.
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