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Evaluation of the magnetic field requirements for nanomagnetic gene transfection

Author(s): A. Fouriki | N. Farrow | M.A. Clements | J. Dobson

Journal: Nano Reviews
ISSN 2000-5121

Volume: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: non-viral gene delivery | magnetic nanoparticle-based gene transfection | magnetic nanoparticles | magnetic field

The objective of this work was to examine the effects of magnet distance (and by proxy, field strength) on nanomagnetic transfection efficiency. Methods: non-viral magnetic nanoparticle-based transfection was evaluated using both static and oscillating magnet arrays. Results: Fluorescence intensity (firefly luciferase) of transfected H292 cells showed no increase using a 96-well NdFeB magnet array when the magnets were 5 mm from the cell culture plate or nearer. At 6 mm and higher, fluorescence intensity decreased systematically. Conclusion: In all cases, fluorescence intensity was higher when using an oscillating array compared to a static array. For distances closer than 5 mm, the oscillating system also outperformed Lipofectamine 2000™.
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