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Evaluation of Vitamin B-Complex Efficacy add on Citalopram in Outpatient with Major Depressive Disorder

Author(s): Boostani H | Pakseresht S | Amany R | Nokhostin M | Haghdoost MR

Journal: Scientific Medical Journal
ISSN 1026-8960

Volume: 9;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 605;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Major depressive disorder | Citalopram | B-complex Vitamin | Beck Depression Inventory

Background and Objective: Major depression disorder (MDD) is most common psychiatric disorder in community. MDD is one of the important disorders because of its prevalence and serious complication such as suicide, substance abuse, loss of well being and function, this study was investigated to determine the efficacy of vitamin B- complex add on citalopram,(its cofactor role in serotonin synthesis) in treatment of MDD.Subjects and Methods: This study is a double-blinded placebo-control cinical trial on 40 MDD patients (18-45 years old) referred to psychiatric clinic in 2009. Duration of study was 6 weeks. Depressive symptoms were assessed with Beck Depression Inventory at 0, 3 and 6 weeks after intervention. Data was analized by using SPSS, ANOVA, Chi- square and Fisher tests.Results: In both groups(B-complex and placebo), symptoms were significantly improved at the end of study respectively (P=0.002, P=0.04). Beck's rating scale score between two groups was not significantly different(P=0.99).Conclusion: The main finding of this study was that efficacy of either vitamin B-complex on citalopram or citalopram alone was not differed in reduction of depression symptoms. Because of low sample size, short duration of study and basic effect of vitamins in behavior, further future works to be considered. Sci Med J 2011; 9(6):605-613

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