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生态文明视野下云南高原湖滨生态城镇群的构建及其可行性探析 Explore and Analysis about the Construction of Eco-Cities in the Catchment of Plateau Lakes and It’s Feasibility in Yunnan Province under the View of Ecological Civilization

Author(s): 段立曾 | 张虎才 | 明庆忠 | 李华勇 | 张自强

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 03;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 33;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: 低碳经济 | 生态城镇 | 高原湖泊 | 云南省 | Low Carbon Economy | Eco-Cities | Plateau Lake | Yunnan Province

随着明代汉族的移民、明清以来工商业的发展和19世纪后期开始的城市人口集聚增加直到现代经济社会的快速发展,云南省城镇化水平、城镇人口和用地上升到一个前所未有的高度。随之带来的是包括昆明及各地州城市因城镇扩张和区域生态环境不协调的“城市病”,严重制约云南省未来的可持续发展。高原湖滨生态城镇群的构建是缓解这一矛盾的重要决策之一,其以低碳经济、“西部大开发”、“中国面向西南开放的重要桥头堡”、“城镇上山”等为背景;以云南省湖泊众多、水系发达和区域开发潜力等为优势,高原湖滨生态城镇群的构建将在区域产业结构和经济发展、区域生态环境改善和生态文化提升方面具有重要的战略和现实意义。其中,田园城镇发展模式、生态功能核心区和产业集聚小区是其核心内容,但也面临着区域构造活动强烈、自然灾害频发和湖泊污染等挑战。 The immigration of ethnic Han in the Ming Dynasty, the development of manufacturing and commerce since the Ming-Qing period, the intensification of populational congregation since the late 19th century, and the rapid growth of modern economy have all contributed to the unprecedented high levels of urbanization, urban population, and land use in Yunnan Province. Such a situation leads to the most of cities, including Kunming have the “city disease”, that referring to the unlimited urban expansion and uneven development of the regional ecological environment, which seriously endanger the sustainable development of Yunnan province. The construction of plateau lake eco-cities is one of the functional suggestions to alleviate this contradiction, which based on the policies of low-carbon economy, “the development of the western region”, “the important bridgehead opening to southwest of China” and “the town up to mountain”; With the advantage of rich in lakes, abundant water resources and potential of regional development in Yunnan Province, the development of eco-city in the drainage areas of the lakes has the great significance in the improvement of regional economy and industrial structure, ecological environment and culture. The core mode of ecological function in rural town and industrial concentration area is the key point of plateau lake eco-city, even though it also faces the challenges of unfavorable natural backgrounds such as strong regional tectonic activities that may induce earthquakes, landslides and climatic disaster and lake water pollution at the same time.
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