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Exponential Mathematical Model of Yield Response of Common Vetch to Plant Population

Author(s): Ufuk Karadavut

Journal: Sel├žuk Journal of Applied Mathematics
ISSN 1302-7980

Volume: Statistics;
Issue: Special Issue;
Start page: 109;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Vetch Plants.

Yield of field crops are influenced by very different factors. Especially, crop species, soil structure, nutrient substance, availability of water and plant population. In this study, we aimed relation of between biomass yield (g plant-1) and plant population (plants m-2). Common vetch plants were used as material. Common vetch plants were grown in Konya ecological conditions. Data were analyzed with exponential mathematical models. It included two parameters. In this study, solar radiation was measured at different positions in the plant canopy. As results, this study showed no definitive peak in yield with plant population, but generally exhibited asymptotic approach to maximum yield with increased plant population.
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