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Fabrication and Characterization of Poly[Decaphenylcyclopentasilane]-Based Solar Cells

Author(s): Makoto Iwase | Takeo Oku | Atsushi Suzuki | Tsuyoshi Akiyama | Katsuhisa Tokumitsu | Masahiro Yamada | Mika Nakamura

Journal: Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry
ISSN 2162-531X

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 121;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: PDPS | Polysilane | Solar Cell | Amorphous | Silicon

Poly[decaphenylcyclopentasilane] (PDPS)-based photovoltaic cells were fabricated by using mixture solution of PDPS including boron and phosphorous elements. A doping effect of phosphorus and boron into PDPS was investigated on the performance of the photovoltaic devices. The solar cell provided short-circuit current density of 0.11 mA/cm2 and open-circuit voltage of 0.81 V under simulated sunlight. Microstructural analysis indicated that PDPS had an amor-phous structure, which would result in the photovoltaic properties.
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