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Factors Affecting the Success of Natural Regeneration in Oriental Beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) Forests in Turkey

Author(s): ÖZEL, Halil Barış | ERTEKIN, Murat | YILMAZ, Mustafa | KIRDAR, Erol

Journal: Acta Silvatica & Lignaria Hungarica
ISSN 1786-691X

Volume: 6;
Start page: 149;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky.) | natural regeneration | factor analysis | silviculture

The success of natural regeneration using the Uniform Shelterwood Method (USM) wasdetermined in an oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky.) stand, in the Bartın-Sökü Forest RangeDistrict. Number, height growth and root collar diameter of seedlings were investigated in the10 experimental plots in the 5.0 ha regeneration area for 7 years (2004–2010). According to the resultof factor analyses, it was found that amount of filled seeds, soil cover, growth status of seed trees,stand canopy closure, average crown projection area of seed trees, amount of organic substance in theupper soil layer, soil reaction in the upper soil layer and hillside status were the most effective factorsdetermining the success of natural regeneration.
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