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The family healthcare learning: an innovative therapeutic approach. Acceptability, satisfaction and usefulness

Author(s): Vicarelli G

Journal: Pratiques et Organisation des Soins
ISSN 1952-9201

Volume: 43;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 187;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Chronic disease | therapeutic education for patient | patient education as topic | family | acceptability | patient compliance | patient satisfaction | usefulness.

SummaryAim: The main aim is to show an innovative therapeutic education experience (FLSS) in an Italian Region (Marche) and its acceptability from participants. Methods: A Therapeutic Education pathway (ETP) address to patients affected by pulmonary disease chronic obstructive and their families has been organized. Explicit inclusion and exclusion criteria have been defined and applied into the FLSS; the acceptability, the satisfaction and the usefulness of the therapeutic pathway have been evaluated using specific instruments, first defined and then applied to participants. Results: Due to the high level of patients and families who attended and completed the therapeutic pathway, parameters of acceptability have been met. The results show that participants appreciate the organization of the FLSS and the discussed subjects; they also appreciate the way in which the course has been carried out from experts and tutor. The patients felt they gained knowledge about their disease and about the way in which have to manage it. One of the most important result concern relational dynamics, both within and outside the therapeutic pathway. Conclusion: In the process of experimentation and evaluation of the FLSS experience, the first therapeutic pathway organization in 2010 represent an intermediate step. The following consideration can be made in terms of organization and in terms of theoretical-scientific analysis. On the one hand, the therapeutic pathway is inexpensive and able to facilitate the integration of health and social care and the patients (and their families) self-supervision. On the other hand, the FLSS differs from self-management programs implemented in USA and GB (EPP). Prat Organ Soins. 2012;43(3):187-195
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