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Fatal Metformin Overdose Presenting with Progressive Hyperglycemia

Author(s): Suchard, Jeffrey R | Grotsky, Thomas A

Journal: Western Journal of Emergency Medicine
ISSN 1936-900X

Volume: 9;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 160;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Overdose | Poisoning | Metformin | Hyperglycemia | Lactic Acidosis

A 29-year-old man with no history of diabetes ingested over 60 grams of metformin in a suicide attempt. He presented to the emergency department with acute renal insufficiency, severe lactic acidosis, and rapidly-progressive hyperglycemia. The patient’s peak serum glucose level of 707 mg/dL is the highest yet reported in a case of metformin toxicity. Treatment included sodium bicarbonate infusion and hemodialysis, but the patient suffered several cardiac arrests with pulseless electrical activity and ultimately expired 25 hours after the ingestion.
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