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Features of proaggressive and inhibiting aggression structures in individuals who have committed aggressive offenses

Author(s): Kalashnikova A.S. | Vasilenko T.G.

Journal: PsihologiĆ¢ i Pravo
ISSN 2222-5196

Issue: 3;
Date: 2013;

Keywords: aggressive behavior | illegal acts of violence | proaggressive factors | aggression inhibitors | personality structures inhibiting aggression.

A study of issues of aggressive behavior occurrence is impossible without taking into account not only proaggressive, but also inhibiting aggression personality structures. It is assumed that the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of factors limiting aggression distinguish aggressive offenders from law-abiding citizens. The present study involved 24 men aged 18 to 55 years, serving a sentence for committing aggressive offenses, and 30 men aged 19 to 55 not previously subjected to criminal or that kind of responsibility. The procedures we used were aimed to study not only proaggressive, but also counteraggressive personality structures, we used not only quantitative but also qualitative analysis presented mainly by correlation constellations method. According to the results, there was no statistically significant difference between the groups in terms of dispositional, reactive and motivational aggression, however, we have found a much larger number of structures inhibiting aggression in patients without a history of aggressive behavior, compared with those who have committed aggressive offenses.
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