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Feminist debates on heteronormative pornography: aesthetics and ideologies of sexualization / Debates feministas sobre pornografia heteronormativa: estéticas e ideologias da sexualização

Author(s): Pedro Pinto | Maria da Conceição Nogueira | João Manuel de Oliveira

Journal: Psicologia : Reflexão e Crítica
ISSN 0102-7972

Volume: 23;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 374;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Pornographies | Feminisms | Techno-science | Industry | Sexual scripts

This paper revisits the feminist debate on heteronormative pornography and analyzes its production of polarized discourses, particularly those that have explored psychological sciences to legitimize their positions. Locating the porn industry within the mechanics of contemporary capitalism, we propose to rethink the meanings of pornography beyond the strict boundaries of the traditional social psychology and the conservative North American feminism. The paramount role played by pornography in the sex industries is nowadays inseparable from the technological proliferation of the media and the increasing sexualization of its markets. In this article - an analysis of texts and discourses - we situate pornography in a broader and more reflexive phenomenology, crossing a constructionist-feminist approach with critical social psychology.
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