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Financial relations of mandatory accumulative pension insurance subjects in the context of new pension legislation in ukraine

Author(s): Volodymyr Rudyk

Journal: Socìalʹno-ekonomìčnì Problemì ì Deržava
ISSN 2223-3822

Volume: 8;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 228;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: national pension legislation | mandatory accumulative pension insurance | asset management companies | savers | Accumulative pension fund

The article deals with the issues concerning to the implementation of the second level of the national pension system – mandatory accumulative pension insurance and the features of its institutional structure development. The special attention is paid to the characterization of the main subjects of the second level and to the peculiarities of the financial relations between them. The main emphasis is directed to the regulation study of these relations through regulatory framework of new pension legislation, and the participants’ priority interests of the accumulative pension programs for the protection of their pension assets. Considering that in our country there is no experience in the second level operation, it is important to use the experience of accumulative pension insurance in the field of private pension system. The assessment of the main financial institutions and their influence on the effective mechanism of the mandatory accumulative pension system is given according to the regulatory framework characteristics of the second level
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