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First record of the echiuran Anelassorhynchus porcellus Fisher, 1948 from the east coast of southern Africa (Echiura: Echiuridae)

Author(s): Ramlall Biseswar

Journal: African Zoology
ISSN 1562-7020

Volume: 47;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: New record | echiuran | Anelassorhynchus porcellus | South Africa

The Pacific echiuran species, Anelassorhynchus porcellus (Fisher, 1948) was collected from the intertidal rocky shores at Perriers Rock and Isipingo Beach on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. This is the first known record of this species from South African waters. Anelassorhynchus porcellus, originally described by Fisher (1948) from several specimens collected in tidal pools south of Honolulu Harbour, Hawaii was later recorded and described by Edmonds (1960) from specimens collected from Heron Island, Queensland. The discovery of this species from the east coast of southern Africa considerably extends its geographical range. After closer examination of additional specimens of Anelassorhynchus gangae Biseswar. 1984 collected from the Kwazulu-Natal coast it is proposed that this species be recognized as a junior synonym of A. porcellus. Anelassorhynchus  porcellus is redescribed and some of the taxonomic characters are reviewed.
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