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First report of Halopeltis (Rhodophyta, Rhodymeniaceae) from the non-tropical Northern Hemisphere: H. adnata (Okamura) comb. nov. from Korea, and H. pellucida sp. nov. and H. willisii sp. nov. from the North Atlantic

Author(s): Craig W. Schneider* | D. Wilson Freshwater | Gary W. Saunders

Journal: Algae
ISSN 1226-2617

Volume: 27;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 95;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Bermuda | Halopeltis | H. adnata comb. nov. | H. pellucida sp. nov. | H. willisii sp. nov. | Korea | North Carolina | Rhodymenia adnata | Rhodymeniaceae

Using genetic sequencing (COI-5P, LSU, rbcL) to elucidate their phylogenetic positions and then morphological characters to distinguish each from existing species, three procumbent species, including two novel species, from warm temperate Northern Hemisphere waters are added to the recently resurrected genus Halopeltis J. Agardh: H. adnata (Okamura) comb. nov. from Korea, H. pellucida sp. nov. from Bermuda and H. willisii sp. nov. from North Carolina, USA. Prior to these reports, the genus was confined to the Southern Hemisphere and tropical equatorial waters of the Northern Hemisphere although the latter records lack molecular confirmation. These three additional species join the six known species presently residing in Halopeltis.
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