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First Report of the Mantid Shrimp Faughnia formosae (Stomatopoda: Parasquillidae) from Korea

Author(s): Hee-seung Hwang | Sang-kyu Lee | Mijin Kim | Won Kim

Journal: Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity
ISSN 2234-6953

Volume: 29;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 245;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Crustacea | stomatopoda | Parasquillidae | Faughnia | mantis shrimp

The stomatopods are aggressive predatory marine crustaceans, which are mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions. Among these, a parasquillid stomatopod, Faughnia formosae Manning and Chan, 1997, collected from Jeju Island, is reported for the first time in Korea. The family is easily distinguished from other families by the presence of an asymmetrically bilobed cornea, stout propodus on the raptorial claw, and three primary spines of the uropodal protopod. In the paper, detailed descriptions and illustrations of this species are provided alongside a photograph. A key to the species of Korean mantis shrimp is also presented. As a result of this study, four species of stomatopods including this species are now recorded in Korean fauna.
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