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A food-manufacturing manager’s experiences and perceptions of the implementation of an incentive scheme

Author(s): Celita Begbie | Mark Bussin | Willem Schurink

Journal: South African Journal of Human Resource Management
ISSN 1683-7584

Volume: 9;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: case study | food manufacturing company | incentive schemes | incentives | implementation methods | managers’ experiences and beliefs | modernist qualitative research | rewards

Orientation: The field researcher, under the supervision of the co-authors Bussin and Schurink, sought to explore the experiences, views and perceptions of 10 managers about the incentive scheme that a South African food manufacturing company introduced.Research purpose: Identifying the contributors to negative feelings and demotivation, or conversely, excitement and motivation, will ultimately assist managers to implement an incentive scheme to motivate staff and improve performance.Motivation for the study: There is little research on how participants perceive incentive schemes and whether or not they motivate employees and improve overall performance.Research design, approach and method: The researcher used a modernistic qualitative research approach and, more specifically, a case study.Main findings: The participants in the research were unaware of the performance goals they needed to achieve. They felt that there was no link between their performance and their earnings. They felt that some objectives were demeaning and insulting, as was the payment they received. They felt that achieving their goals was outside their control and influence.Practical/managerial implications: Participants felt excited and motivated to perform when their managers presented the department’s overall goals to them and asked the participants to set their own goals based on the department’s objectives.Contribution/value-add: Although this study is explorative and descriptive, it suggests that it is how departments implement an incentive scheme, rather than merely having one, that will motivate or demotivate employees to perform.How to cite this article: Begbie, C., Bussin, M., & Schurink, W. (2011). A food-manufacturing manager’s experiences and perceptions of the implementation of an incentive scheme. SA Journal of Human Resource Management/SA Tydskrif vir Menslikehulpbronbestuur, 9(1), Art. #323, 13 pages. doi:10.4102/sajhrm.v9i1.323

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