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Formulation Development and Optimization of Floating Microballoons for Oral Delivery of Domperidone

Author(s): Nilesh K. Gorde | Harshal A. Pawar | Nilesh Khutle | Yogesh Chaudhari

Journal: International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research
ISSN 2250-1029

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 101;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Microballoons | Domperidone | Oral Delivery | Buoyancy studies

The present study involves preparation and evaluation of floating microballoons with Domperidone as model drug for prolongation of gastric residence time. Microballoons (MB) were prepared by the emulsion solvent diffusion method utilizing enteric acrylic polymers dissolved in a mixture of dichloromethane and ethanol. Full factorial design employed in formulating the microballoons with ratio of dichloromethane: ethanol and Eudragit RS100: Eudragit RL100 as independent variables. Buoyancy and t50% (time for 50% drug release) were selected as dependent variables. Formulation variables were found to be significant for buoyancy and t50% (P < 0.05). All formulations were found to releases the drug by diffusion mechanism. Optimization of the formulations was achieved by applying the constrained optimization. Experimental values of % buoyancy and t50% release for the optimized formulation were found to be 88.79±2.35% and 10.19±0.89 hours, respectively which showed an exellent aggrement with those predicted with mathematical model. The quadratic mathematical model developed could be used to further predict formulations with desirable release and buoyancy.
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