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Author(s): Elena ENACHE

Journal: Management Strategies Journal
ISSN 1844-668X

Volume: V;
Issue: 2(16);
Start page: 58;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: free zone | tax advantages | customs regime | competition

The unprecedented expansion of free zones is considered one of the most significant economic innovations of the end of the twentieth century which covered the entire global economy. This phenomenon has also been registered in Romania, where there are six free zones. Motivation for their creation is supported by the need and opportunity for investments at regional and national level, by the valorization of the domestic natural resources and the available labor force as well as by the encouragement of the transit on the territory of our country as a source of revenue to the state budget. 20 years after the implementation of Law. no. 84/1992 concerning the free zones regime and after a series of events related to our accession to the European Union especially regarding the rise of the specific facilities, the global economic crisis and so on, we conclude that the free zones have not disappeared, as people believed, once benefits disappeared, but they have not displayed any outstanding performance either. They are still present today as any other economic agent seeking solutions to survive!
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