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Freshwater invertebrates of subantarctic Marion Island

Author(s): Herbert John Dartnall | Valdon R Smith

Journal: African Zoology
ISSN 1562-7020

Volume: 47;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Marion Island | subantarctic | freshwater invertebrates.

Abstract The freshwater habitats (mires; streams; crater lakes; inland, intermediate and coastal lakes and pools; and wallows) on subantarctic Marion Island were examined for invertebrates. Sixty-eight species were found, 45 of which are new records for the Island. Of these 56 were bona fide aquatic invertebrates, the rest being terrestrial or brackish interlopers that had fallen or been blown into the water. The aquatic species include five platyhelminthes, a gastrotrich, three tardigrades, 28 rotifers, six nematodes, two annelids and twelve arthropods.  Most are familiar species that have been recorded on other subantarctic islands. The invertebrate faunas of the various freshwater habitats were basically similar in species composition but the abundances of particular species depended upon the water body size, distance from the sea and degree of eutrophication resulting from seabird and seal manuring.
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