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Functional assignment to maize group 1 LEA protein EMB564 within the cell nucleus using computational analysis

Author(s): Xiaolin Wu | Fangping Gong | Wei Wang

Journal: Bioinformation
ISSN 0973-2063

Volume: 9;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 276;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Computational analysis | DNA-binding | EMB564 protein | Function assignment | Zea Mays.

Maize protein EMB564 is a member of group 1 LEA (late embryogenesis abundant) proteins. Currently, the molecular functions of group 1 LEA proteins remain largely unclear. We here report on the functional assignment to EMB564 by computational analysis. EMB564 is predicted as nuclear localization by five different predictors including CELLO, Plant-mPLoc, WoLF PSORT, Predotar and TargetP. EMB564 is found to be remote homologous with DNA/RNA helicases and single-stranded DNA-binding proteins, and their sequences contains similar DNA/RNA binding sites. Furthermore, the three-dimensional (3D) model of EMB564 structurally resembles a variety of nuclear and DNA/RNA-binding proteins, especially those involving in the regulation of cell division, chromosomal replication and DNA unwinding or repairing. Our results reveal that EMB564 protein is most likely to function within the cell nucleus.
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