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Genetic polymorphism of N142D GSTO2 and susceptibility to breast cancer: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Mostafa Saadat

Journal: Molecular Biology Research Communications
ISSN 2322-181X

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2012;

Keywords: Breast Cancer | Meta-analysis | GSTO2 | susceptibility

To establish a comprehensive picture of the relationship between glutathione S-transferase omega 2 (GSTO2; MIM: 612314) gene N142D variant (rs. 156697) and breast cancer risk, the present meta-analysis was carried out. Studies published up to July 2012 with information about GSTO2 polymorphism and breast cancer risk were identified using several electronic databases. We identified 4 eligible studies, including 2678 subjects (1316 patients, and 1362 healthy controls) in relation to the N142D polymorphism of GSTO2 and risk of breast cancer. There was no heterogeneity between studies. Considering all of the studies, the DD (OR=1.29, 95%CI: 0.99-1.67, P=0.055) and ND (OR=1.03, 95%CI: 0.88-1.21, P=0.697) genotypes, did not alter the risk of breast cancer in comparison with the NN genotype. Therefore, it is suggested that if the number of studies increased, finding a significant association between N142D polymorphism of GSTO2 and susceptibility to breast cancer would be very probable.
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