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GenMed 010: a one day workshop on generic medicines

Author(s): Shankar PR | Hassali MA | Subish P | Piryani RM | Thapa BB | Mishra N

Journal: Australasian Medical Journal
ISSN 1836-1935

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 133;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Generic medicines | Nepal | Patents | Rational use of medicines

This report outlines the content of a one-day workshop onGeneric Medicines that was held at KIST Medical College,Lalitpur, Nepal on 13th December 2010, which was attendedby 32 delegates from different institutions in Nepal, includingpharmacists, pharmacologists and medical doctors. Rightmedicine, right patient, right dose, right frequency andduration, right information and right monitoring areconditions to be fulfilled for the rational use of medicine(RUM). The World Health Organization (WHO) defines genericmedicine as ‘a pharmaceutical product, usually intended to beinterchangeable with the innovator product, marketed afterthe expiry of patent or other exclusivity rights’. Economicfactors, supportive legislation and regulation, public andprofessional acceptance and quality assurance are keyenabling factors promoting use of generics. Increased patentprotection for medicines and removing process patents is akey feature of new trade agreements and newer medicines fordiseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and infectious diseasesare likely to be more expensive. The Medicine andTherapeutics Committee (MTC) can play a key role inpromoting generic medicine use in institutions.Nepal being among the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)need not provide patent protection for medicines until 31stDecember 2015. Only a few ‘true’ generics are available inNepal and there is huge cost variation in the price of differentbranded generics. Clinicians have concerns about the qualityof medicines in general, substitution of poor quality brands bypharmacists and about therapeutic substitution. Genericshave to meet the same regulatory requirements and bebioequivalent to reference preparations assuring their quality.
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