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Author(s): Irina Ungureanu

Journal: Present Environment and Sustainable Development
ISSN 1843-5971

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 65;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: systems | disfunctions in the national system | system diagnosis | quality of decision | geographic documentation

Structural diversity and functional performance insure the systems viability on a long term. Inherently, these ones suppose also varied causes/conjunctures with a disfunctional effect. The capacity to attenuate or to eliminate the produced disfunctions, on the basis of their own self-regulation resources, is the surest possibility to maintain the system’s status. The degradation/reduction of this capacity allows some interconnections of the initial disfunctions, with an aggravating effect and produces/attracts new disfunctions etc.;the adverse evolution orientates the system, gradually or rapidly, towards dezorganization. The attenuation of the disfunctions, the reconstruction and the maintainance of viability suppose either the spontaneous/conducted activation of some natural self-regulating devices or some deliberate actions in order to clear up the genesis of the functions, to obtain a diagnosis of the state and the documentation/substantialization of the decision. The actual quantitative domination of the sectorial diagnosis creates the wrong impression of a systemic reliable documentation. In reality, the sectorial documentation induces, extrapolating,analitical decisions over some complex, active areas which need a decisional synthesis. So, insufficient or unadvised documentation is at the origin of some big errors and losses. On the background of some strong disfunctional consequences, the succession of political, social and economic, variable and complex conjunctures of the last twenty years has introduced and produced in contemporary Romania a series of natural and social-economic disfunctions which potentiate themselves mutually, oversoliciting and sometimes exceeding their own redressing possibilities. The progressive continentalization of the regime of the main climatic elements, the increasing frequency and length of the extreme climatic phenomena, the frequency of the great pozitive oscillations of the river levels and flows, the oscillations with an important difference of value of the level of the underground waters, the increasing instability of the slopes and the exacerbated dynamics of the river beds etc. express the overbalancing of the natural interactive performance on our national territory. With strong implications in the political and social-economic performance, these disfunctions are often potentiated/ released by political and social-economic activities and decisions. By its capacity to produce an integrating, synthetic, fundamental and applicative research, the geographic demarche can insure a systemic diagnosis of state and, so, a pertinent documentation of the decision, building and offering - in its specific, spatialized vision – the quantified/qualitatively evaluated visual image of some elements, processes and phenomena, of some areas of actual acute interest: the natural dynamics of the slopes and of the river beds; the consequences of the land use on the actual morpho-dynamics; the liability to flooding; the anthropic impact on the underground waters; the spatial variability of the bio-climatic confort; the actual quality of the soil in relation to the natural pedogenetic processes and to the anthropic influence; the actual state and the evolutive trends of the natural ecosystems, the rehabilitation premises of the degraded ones; the evaluation of the natural potential and of the natural favorability for habitation, transportation and tourism; the evaluation of human-dermographic and economic potential; the identification of the objective forms of evolution of the network of human settlements; the analysis, the evaluation and the rational use/rehabilitation of the natural/anthropized ennvironment etc.
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