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Geological structure of the Tatric and Fatric units among the Belianska and Vrátna dolina valleys (the Krivánska Fatra Mts.)

Author(s): Michal Sentpetery | Jozef Hók

Journal: Acta Geologica Slovaca
ISSN 1338-0044

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 65;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Central Western Carpathians | Krivánska Fatra Mts. | Tatric Unit | Fatric Unit | backthrusting | folds | geological mapping

This paper deals with the geological setting of the area between Belianska and Vrátna dolina valley in the Krivánska Fatra Mts. In the study area can be recognised numerous north-vergent structures considered as a result of the palaeo-Alpine (Cretaceous) tectonic evolution related to the nappe stacking of the Fatric and Hronic units. Another dominant structures, south-verging folds and reverse faults confirm the neo-Alpine (Early Miocene) backthrusting recorded in the surrounding regions. This event is considered as a result of the sinistral transpression regime operated between the Central and Outer Western Carpathians and could be responsible also for the development of the straight open macro folds with the generally N–S oriented axes. A revised geological map is presented as well.
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