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Geomagnetic jerks characterization via spectral analysis

Author(s): B. Duka | A. De Santis | M. Mandea | A. Isac | E. Qamili

Journal: Solid Earth Discussions
ISSN 1869-9537

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 131;
Date: 2012;
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In this study we have applied spectral techniques to analyze geomagnetic field time-series provided by observatories, and compared the results with those obtained from analogous analyses of synthetic data estimated from models. Then, an algorithm is here proposed to detect the geomagnetic jerks in time-series, mainly occurring in the Eastern component of the geomagnetic field. Applying such analysis to time-series generated from global models has allowed us to depict the most important space-time features of the geomagnetic jerks all over the globe, since the beginning of XXth century. Finally, the spherical harmonic power spectra of the third derivative of the main geomagnetic field has been computed from 1960 to 2002.5, bringing new insights to understanding the spatial evolution of these rapid changes of the geomagnetic field.
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