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Geotechnical Properties of Saw Dust Ash Stabilized Southwestern Nigeria Lateritic Soils

Author(s): Thompson Henry Tolulope Ogunribido

Journal: Environmental Research, Engineering and Management
ISSN 1392-1649

Volume: 60;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 29;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Saw dust ash | geotechnical properties | lateritic soil | stabilization

This research was carried out with an intention to evaluate the effects of saw dust ash on the geotechnical properties of soil from three locations in Southwestern Nigeria. Tests that were performed on three samples, A, B and C, dealt with consistency limits, specific gravity, compaction, California bearing ratio, unconfined compressive strength and shear strength. These tests were conducted at both non-stabilized and stabilized states by adding 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10% of saw dust ash. The results show that saw dust ash has improved geotechnical properties of the soil samples: maximum dry density increases from 1403 to1456 Kg/m3 and 1730 to 1785kg/m3, optimum moisture content increases from 23.6 to 28.2% and  26.2 to 29.2%, unconfined compressive strength  - from 101.4  to 142.14 and 154.97 , shear strength  - from  50.92  to  71.07kN/m2 and 77.49 to 105.99kN/m2 for samples A and B, respectively. Saw dust ash is therefore found to be an effective stabilizer for lateritic soils. Preface. Road failure is a common problem in Nigeria which is due to low materials application quality in road building. This article has a mission of providing some information to the road building industry that geotechnical properties of the materials they use can be improved by adding a stabilizer such as saw dust ash.DOI:

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