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بررسي اثر ضد ميكروبي شقايق كوهي (Glaucium) بر ميكرو فلور دهان

Author(s): Majd A | Mehrabian S | Khanafari S

Journal: Journal of Dental Medicine
ISSN 1024-641X

Volume: 9;
Issue: 3-4;
Start page: 57;
Date: 1996;
Original page

Four species of glaucium: G. cornicalutum from hesarak, G. elegans from karaj, G. flavum from esfahan and G. fimbriligerum form firuzkooh were gathered during may & june 1996. After drying, all parts of the plant were powdered and using water, ethanol and methanol they were extracted. Extraction was done by 1) Using suxulete, 2) Remaining in the solvent for 48 hours. Watery extracts were obtaine by utoclave and infusion. Microorganisms used were separated from mouths of 100 persons. They were first cultured in nutrient agar, muler-Hinton agar, saburo dextrose agar, and strept agar. Isolated microorganism contained: streptococos, bacillus, actinomycete, diphtroid, lactobacillus and candida. The antimicrobial effect in different media was studied using MIC method also by adding the extract to different media (pour plate) and comparing with the control. The antimicrobial effect was studied on the whole mouth microflora as a group and each of them separately. Cetylpyridinium chloride 2.5% was used as control. The dose of extract in each disk was 1.25 mg. Different concentration of the extracts were 1.25, 2.5, 5 and 10 mg/ml. The results showed that: 1) Different parts of all species have antimicrobial effect on mouth microflora. 2) G. elegans antimicrobial effect is more than the other species. 3) From the medium used, muler-hinton agar is more suitable for studying the antimicrobial effect. 4) The antimicrobial strength of the extracts was as follows (respectively): ethanolic, methanolic, infused, watery obtained by utocalver. 5) The antimicrobial effect of these plants dependes on the mouth microflora, so varies in different persons. The most effect is on streptococos sp and the least is on bacillus sp.

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