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HACCP与食品安全师:食品安全管理的工作创新 HACCP and Food Safety Management Division: Work Innovation of Food Safety Management

Author(s): 周吉海 | 杨道兴 | 邹晓葵

Journal: Hans Journal of Food and Nutrition Science
ISSN 2166-613X

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 嗨塞坡 | 食品安全师 | 工作创新 | 教育培训 | HACCP | Food Safety Management Division | Work Innovation | Education

HACCP为英文Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point的缩略词,在我国大陆译做危害分析–关键控制点监控。作为一种管理手段,其核心内容是由HA(危害分析)和CCP(关键控制点)监控二个部分组成的。嗨塞坡(HACCP)是目前世界上最有权威的食品安全预防体系,而随着我国经济和社会的持续快速发展,与世界各国贸易往来日益增加,嗨塞坡则起到食品进出国际市场的“绿色通行证”的作用。早些年,各国政府已向食品企业推出GMP和ISO 9000族系列标准等质量管理体系;现在大力倡导的嗨塞坡,其管理思想与之是一脉相承的。但诞生嗨塞坡思想理论,同研发太空食品有密切的联系,是人类载人航天事业的产物;倡导采用嗨塞坡原理保证食品的安全性,使食品安全管理进入了嗨塞坡时代,则是一个巨大的飞跃,是我国食品安全管理的工作创新。食品安全师是指具备食品安全管理的相关知识,运用相关技术方法按国家标准实施食品安全管理的从业人员。其职能主要就在于对于食品的安全性实施监督管理。我国政府向食品企业推荐嗨塞坡,中国食品工业协会则有效开展嗨塞坡教育培训,大力开展食品安全师队伍的建设,就是从组织上在普及推广嗨塞坡体系提供保证。此是其为食企服务的工作创新。HACCP is the abbreviation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. As an management means, its core content is composed by HA (Hazard Analysis) and CCP (Critical Control Point). HACCP is the most authoritative food safety system in the world, along with stable and rapid development of economy and society in our country and in-creasing trade with other countries all over the world, now HACCP has been regarded as green pass for entering the international market. GMP and ISO 9000 were recommended to food enterprises as food safety system by government of some countries in earlier years, and now HACCP is advocated, but their management ideas are derived from the same origin. The emerge of the HACCP theory was connected with research and development of space food, and which is the product of human manned space. Now HACCP is advocated to ensure the safety of the food, and thus makes food safety management to entered the era of HACCP, this is a work innovation in food safety management. Food safety management division is the employee who has relevant knowledge about food safety management, and can implement food safety management with the relevant technology and methods according to the national standard. Their main func-tion is food safety supervision and management. HACCP was advocated to food enterprises by government of our country, China Food Association strengthened the food safety management division staff through effective education and training, and thus providing a guarantee for popularizing HACCP from the organization. And this is a work innova-tion of serving for food enterprises.
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