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Hajj and Umrah Event Classification Datasets

Author(s): Hossam Zawbaay | Salah A. Aly

Journal: International Journal of Image Processing and Visual Communication
ISSN 2319-1724

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Hajj and Umrah Event Classification Datasets

In this note, new Hajj and Umrah Event Recognitiondatasets (HUER) are presented. The demonstrated datasets arebased on videos and images taken during 2011-2012 Hajj andUmrah seasons. HUER is the first collection of datasets coveringthe six types of Hajj and Umrah ritual events (rotating inTawaf around Kabaa, performing Sa’y between Safa and Marwa,standing on the mount of Arafat, staying overnight in Muzdalifah,staying two or three days in Mina, and throwing Jamarat).The HUER datasets also contain video and image databases fornine types of human actions during Hajj and Umrah (walking,drinking from Zamzam water, sleeping, smiling, eating, praying,sitting, shaving hairs and ablutions, reading the holy Quran andmaking duaa). The spatial resolutions are 1280x720 pixels forimages and 640x480 pixels for videos and have lengths of 20seconds in average with 30 frame per second rates
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