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Handgrip strength and hand dimensions in high-level inter-university judoists

Author(s): Juan M. Cortell-Tormo | Jose A Perez-Turpin | Ángel G. Lucas-Cuevas | Pedro Perez-Soriano | Salvador Llana-Belloch | Maria Jose Martinez-Patiño

Journal: Archives of Budo
ISSN 1643-8698

Volume: 9;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 21;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: hand dynamometry | Judo | handgrip | hand anthropometrics | performance

Background and Study Aim: Handgrip strength plays a major role in many sports. In Judo, a single grasp allows the judoka to attack, defend and counter-attack through different movements in a span of four to six directions. Some general and hand-specific anthropometric measurements have been positively related to handgrip strength. Therefore, the aim of this study was the influence of general and hand anthropometric parameters in handgrip strength and sport achievement.Material and Methods: Fifty four judokas aged 19-25 years participants of the Inter-University Championship of Spain 2009 took part in this study. Body height and body mass were measured and body mass index was calculated as general anthropometric parameters. Three groups of hand specific parameters were measured: finger spans, finger lengths and hand perimeters. The handgrip strength was measured by digital dynamometer in both hands.Results: The general and some hand-specific (finger lengths, hand perimeters) measurements were significantly different among the weight groups (p

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