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Heath and nutrition follow-up in the two first years of life / Seguimiento de la salud y de la alimentación del niño en sus 2 primeros años de vida

Author(s): Ciller Cortes JA | Acosta Gómez J | Azpeitia González B | Diez Arranz R | Gudiel Urbano M | Gutiérrez Poyatos P | Heras Peña M | Malo Gómez ML | Poyatos Deva P

Journal: Seguimiento Farmacoterapéutico
ISSN 1696-1137

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 57;
Date: 2005;
Original page

Keywords: Child nutrition | Weight control | Breast-feeding

Objectives: To cooperate with pediatrician and family on following-up health and food of babies till the second year of life through monitoring their weight. To provide nutritional advise in breast feeding and on introducing supplementary food. To control nursing mother medication. Results: 158 children follow-up was done, with the following interventions: A) Weight control: Weight measuring and assessment on standardized curves. A total of 1160 weight controls were done. B) Nutritional advice: 117 interventions related to baby’s food: types of artificial milk, preparation of formulae, supplementary food introduction. C) Referral to pediatrician: 57 referrals caused by significant missing their weight percentile, not able of resolve with nutritional advice. D) Allergy or intolerance detected: 3 cow milk protein intolerances were detected. E) Mother’s medication control: 20 drug-related problems. It has to be noted that analgesic use, specially metamizol, when there exist a contraindication with breast feeding. 4 cases with this prescription were detected. F) Preparation of two informative sheets: “Nutritional advice for breast feeding mothers”, and “Advice on nursing babies constipation”.
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