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Hematological Changes in HIV Patients Placed on Anti Retroviral Therapy in Markurdi, Benue State of Nigeria

Author(s): O.F. Amegor | D.A. Bigila | O.A. Oyesola | T.O. Oyesola | S.T. Buseni

Journal: Asian Journal of Epidemiology
ISSN 1992-1462

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 97;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Hematological changes | HIV patients | antiretroviral drugs

This present study was conducted to investigate the observed trend in the Hematological parameter in Makurdi; Beune state of Nigeria. Due to the ongoing campaign about HIV/AID management, practical knowledge and supportive information becomes necessary about antiretroviral drugs (ARVDs) therapy. This will assist health workers and encourage HIV/AID patients in the management of the disease. This study was carried out in Markurdi, Benue state of Nigeria in the Nigerian Air Force Hospital. Two hundred freshly diagnosed HIV patients were used (119 females and 81 males). They were grouped into three categories as follows: group 1, control group were HIV negative subjects, group 2 were HIV positive subjects without ARVDS and group 3 were HIV positive subject on ARVDS. The percentage distribution for both male and female are as follows: group 1 are 37% male and 63% female, group 2 are 40.5% male and 59.5% female, group 3 are 42% and 57.2% female. Blood samples were collected from anti-cubital vein into ethylene diamine tetra-acetic for laboratory study. The report from the laboratory analysis of the blood sample showed that ARVDS therapy increased PCV, Hb, WBC and CD4 cell count of the subjects. Subject on ARVDS therapy showed insignificant increase from 31.56±65% to 32.26±0.49% for PCV, from 10.30±1.170 to 10.44±0.17g dL-1 for hemoglobin concentration, from 412.53±15.23 to 422.93±25.73 cell mm-3 and a significant increase in WBC (total) from 4.07±0.25 to 4.76±0.17. Conclusion from this study was in agreement with other works that ARVDS therapy has the ability to improve on the Hematological parameters (PVC, Hg, WBC and CD4 cell count) and as a result boost the immune system of the body.
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