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High-Power Hybrid Mode-Locked External Cavity Semiconductor Laser Using Tapered Amplifier with Large Tunability

Author(s): Andreas Schmitt-Sody | Andreas Velten | Ye Liu | Ladan Arissian | Jean-Claude Diels

Journal: Research Letters in Optics
ISSN 1687-8175

Volume: 2008;
Date: 2008;
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We report on hybrid mode-locked laser operation of a tapered semiconductor amplifier in an external ring cavity, generating pulses as short as 0.5 ps at 88.1 MHz with an average power of 60 mW. The mode locking is achieved through a combination of a multiple quantum well saturable absorber (>10% modulation depth) and an RF current modulation. This designed laser has 20 nm tuning bandwidth in continuous wave and 10 nm tuning bandwidth in mode locking around 786 nm center wavelength at constant temperature.
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