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Higher education in interwar Romania: from overcrowded universities to intellectual unemployment

Author(s): Dragoș Sdrobiș

Journal: Sfera Politicii
ISSN 1221-6720

Volume: XXI;
Issue: 175 (3);
Start page: 24;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: meritocracy | social promotion | overcrowded universities | intellectual unemployment | media debate

The present article’s goal is to reveal the Romanian universities malfunctions’ in recruiting and guiding the students towards specific higher education specializations. Incapable of becoming a social selector and thus a mechanism of social promotion, the university developed itself into a source of intellectual unemployment in an agrarian society. Thus, it is reasonable to create a causal link between intellectual unemployment and the ascent of the nationalistic political trends in the 1930s, as it was the legionary movement.
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