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Historic importance of meat consumption in Mexico: regulated internal novohispano market and urban market in XVIII century

Author(s): Enriqueta Quiroz

Journal: Nacameh
ISSN 2007-0373

Volume: 4;
Issue: Suplement;
Start page: S22;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Meat consumption | Historic perspective | Mexico XVII century

It knows that food consumption was essential in the old regime economies, being one of the main elements to stimulate its function dynamics, where food consumption definitely was the conclusion of primary demand in those markets. Today we can think that food consumption was one of the less important elements to economy stimulation. Nonetheless, we had to keep a cautious sight on past since food consumption is still the base for the internal market development. Historically, novohispano or colonial internal market grew stimulated by the mining exploitation, but besides this, simultaneously the demand for new internal merchandise, distinguish grains and animals, also started. From this economy joint, commercialization of ovine, cattle, and pork were outstanding around Mexico City in the XVIII century, an internal market that linked this city with the rest of the viceroyalty.
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