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恒速压汞实验技术发展历史及其在油气田开发中的应用 The History of Constant-Rate Mercury Injection Technology and Its Application on the Development of Petroleum Fields

Author(s): 孙军昌 | 杨正明 | 肖前华

Journal: Advances in Porous Flow
ISSN 2164-5639

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 恒速压汞 | 发展历史 | 油气储层 | 微孔隙结构 | 多孔介质流动 | Constant-Rate Mercury Injection | Development History | Petroleum Reservoir | Micro-Pore Structure | Flow in Porous Media

恒速压汞是近年来逐渐广泛使用的研究油气藏储集层微观孔隙结构特征的先进实验技术之一,其克服了常规恒压压汞仅能反映喉道发育特征及测试数据反映孔隙结构非唯一性的缺点。本文综述了恒速压汞实验技术的发展历史及其在油气田开发中的应用,详细介绍了C. Gaulie、H. H. Yuan等学者提出该项技术的思想、基本原理和合理性论证,重点介绍了恒速压汞技术在求取储集层微观孔隙结构静态参数及油气开发中的渗流动态参数的应用方法,并给出了低渗透砂岩及火成岩储集层应用实例。Constant-rate mercury injection experimental technology is one of the advanced techniques which have been widely used to study the features of micro-pore structure on oil and gas reservoir in recent years. Comparing to the conventional constant-pressure mercury injection, this experimental technology can not only obtain the distributions of pore-body radius but also the pore-throat radius. This discussion reviews the invention history of the constant-rate mercury injection technology and its application on the development of oil and gas fields, and describes in detail C. Gaulie and H. H. Yuan’s contributions to the invention of this technology and its basic principles. The emphasis is given on the application methods using this technology to get the micro-pore structure and dynamic flow parameters of oil and gas reservoirs. Some application ex-amples obtained from low permeability sandstone and volcanic gas reservoirs are also discussed to prove that this technology is one of the most effective methods on the development of oil and gas reservoirs.
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