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Author(s): P.J. Pretorius

Journal: South African Journal of Industrial Engineering
ISSN 1012-277X

Volume: 8;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2012;
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Industry and academia still have a major problem in grasping the extent and relationships ofall functions involved in integrated logistics. This is because business logistics and logistics engineering developed separately, each with their own following, resulting in the two so-called different -disciplines ignoring each other.By analysing the definition of integrated logistic support, it is possible to identify the necessary conditions for an integrated logistics model. From these necessary conditions, a model of the management functions and technical activities is constructed to suggest the purpose and place of all logistics functions to work in an integrated way towards the goal of the organisation. The model suggests that logistics engineering and business logistics are both required in the organisation and that it is of vital importance that these functions are executed in unison . This model is different to previous models in that it approaches logistics from the organisations viewpoint rather than from a logistics viewpoint.
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