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A Hydro Biochemical Study of Fluoride Concentration on Human Beings

Author(s): Sharma Sunil Kumar | Gupta Pankaj | Boruah Monalisa | Usmani Nisar Khan

Journal: International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews
ISSN 2279-0543

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 67;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Fluoride | Blood Serum | Hemoglobin | RBC | WBC.

Fluoride endemic and non endemic area were selected through ground water sample of Alwar andDausa Districts. Three different locations containing 5.8 ppm, 9.5 ppm and 12.5 ppm fluoride wereidentified as fluoride endemic zone. Blood samples were collected from villagers of Alwar and DausaDistricts under supervision of medical staff. The samples were analyzed for the study of haemoglobin,TRBC and TWBC using standard techniques. The result revealed that persons residing in high fluorideendemic zone contained significantly high fluoride concentration in serum as compared to personsresiding in non-endemic area. The concentration of fluoride in blood is directly proportional to theconcentration of fluoride in ground water. The ascorbic acid concentration depleted significantly withincrease in the concentration of fluoride in drinking water, indicative of mobilization of ascorbic acidwith the increase of fluoride intake. The total Erythrocyte, packed cell volume and haemoglobinpercentage declined significantly following fluoride water ingestion and decrease was found to be dosedependent. However the Leucocytes number increased to overcome from fluorosis condition in thesubjects. The data suggests that the ground water of Alwar and Dausa Districts contain very highfluoride concentration which results in altered blood physiology hence not good for human health.

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