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Idempotent separating congruence on a regular semigroup with a regular idempotent

Author(s): K. Indhira | V. M. Chandrasekaran

Journal: Advanced Studies in Theoretical Physics
ISSN 1313-1311

Volume: 7;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 107;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: regular semigroup | coextension | idempotent separating congruence | regular idempotent

Let S be a regular semigroup. A congruence ρ on S is called idempotentseparating if the associated projection homomorphism ρ # : S → S| ρ , isidempotent separating. Hall shows that if u is an idempotent of a regularsemigroup S then every idempotent-separating congruence on uSu extends to aunique idempotent separating congruence on SuS. An idempotent u of a regularsemigroup S is called regular if fuR fL uf for each f ∈ E(S). In this paper, weproved that if u is a regular idempotent of S then S = SuS. Also we find therelationship between the idempotent separating congruence on S and uSu, when uis a regular idempotent of S.

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