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Identification of Organizational Commitment Level of Instructors Working at Foundation Universities

Author(s): Şebnem GÜZELBAYRAM

Journal: Yükseköğretim ve Bilim Dergisi
ISSN 2146-5959

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 057;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Higher education | Foundation universities | Instructor | Organizational commitment

This research was carried on to reveal the organizational commitment levels and how these levels change with the factors such as age, sex, length of service, salary, having postgraduate education and additional work of the instructors working at foundation universities. Study group of the resarch consists of 118 instructors who volunteered to fill in the questionnaire after obtaining permission from the administratives of the foundation universities in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir. To obtain the data, Literature search was initially conducted and similar studies were examined. ‘Organizational Commitment Questionnaire' developed by Balay was used adaptating to this study. At the end of the study it was seen that the instructors were pleased to be present at their schools and they obeyed the rules stipulated by the administration because they believed in the necessity of them. Similarly, they were happy with the implementations and activities the management applies to make them more committed. However, if the instructors find a chance to work in a different organization, they will use the opportuniy without considering their experience. Instructors think that, beside their obligations they work with extra effort and devotion but although they are provided with the suitable educational environment, they still think that they are offered insufficent career development possibilities. Therefore, they believe that they always have the optimum performance at school and the structure of their school is not in the best possible way and they may feel indifferent to matters such as value, priorities and criticism against their institution. When all these judgments are taken into consideration, it can be said that instructors are concerned about the future and success of their institution and they think they endeavour more than they are expected. The organizational commitment levels of instructors do not differ meaningfully with age, length of service, salary, postgraduate education and additional work. However, organizational commitment levels of male instructors are meaningfully higher than those of females.
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